CosmoMC: estimate the propose matrix

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Jiping Dai
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CosmoMC: estimate the propose matrix

Post by Jiping Dai » April 25 2019


I am using CosmoMC-June2016. Now I am trying to constrain a new model with some extra paramters, which runs very slowly. I use estimate_propose_matrix and action=2, but there was not any *.covmat produced. How can I get the propose matrix?


Antony Lewis
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Re: CosmoMC: estimate the propose matrix

Post by Antony Lewis » April 25 2019

Just run a new chain without one (or, better, one containing a subset of the parameters that you do have): as long as you are using MPI and the proposal learning options set, it should still work. Just make sure all your propose widths of the new parameters are fairly small.

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