Massive neutrinos in pyCAMB

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Chris Pedersen
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Massive neutrinos in pyCAMB

Post by Chris Pedersen » March 12 2018

Just have a couple of questions about massive neutrinos in pyCAMB:

1. What is the difference between nnu and standard_neutrino_neff?

2. Trying to generate a simple LCDM + massive neutrino cosmology with 3 active neutrinos, no sterile, in a normal mass hierarchy in the following way:

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pars.set_cosmology(H0=67.24, ombh2=0.0223, omch2=0.11450538973588147, omk=0.0, num_massive_neutrinos=3,
                   mnu=0.4, nnu=3.046, YHe=0.24, meffsterile=0.0, standard_neutrino_neff=3.046,
                   TCMB=2.718, tau=None, deltazrei=None, bbn_predictor=None)
However when we print out the parameters, we get:

num_nu_massless = 4.440892098500626e-16

Should we not expect num_nu_massless to be 0.046, since we have 3 massive neutrinos but our N_eff is set to 0.046?


Antony Lewis
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Re: Massive neutrinos in pyCAMB

Post by Antony Lewis » March 13 2018

I don't think so, the 0.046 is because the neutrinos are a bit heated at electron positron annihilation, which should increase the number of standard massive neutrinos not add additional fractional massless ones.

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