[CosmoMC] How does it do action = 2?

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Mason Ng
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[CosmoMC] How does it do action = 2?

Post by Mason Ng » October 21 2017

How does CosmoMC find the best-fit values for the cosmological parameters? I understand that this can be done with 'action = 2', but what actually happens inside? I was looking for corresponding code to "action_maxlike=2" in source/GeneralSetup.f90 but I couldn't find anything. I'm also trying to look for error estimates to those best-fit values.

Please advise, thanks.

Antony Lewis
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Re: [CosmoMC] How does it do action = 2?

Post by Antony Lewis » October 21 2017

See minimize.f90 - uses algorithm called BOBYQA,

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