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CosmoMC: error when I set omegach2 = 0

Posted: May 10 2017
by chen lu
Hi everyone,

I am trying to run CosmoMC with axionCAMB(a modified 2013-version CAMB code adding axions).

I set omegach2 = 0 in batch2/params_CMB_default.paramnames but it seems to stop without any error hits when MCMC starts.( I think it stops because there is no output in chains/test.txt.) It is still the situation after running a week. But I can always get results when I run axionCAMB only without MCMC and set omegach2=0.

But when I set omegach2 = 1.e-100 or 1.e-200 , there is output in chains/test.txt and run chains successfully.

I don't know why this happens. The inputs are all the same except omegach2. I will be appreciated if anyone has any ideas. Tks.