CAMB sources(3) term

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Abhishek Maniyar
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CAMB sources(3) term

Post by Abhishek Maniyar » February 15 2017

Hello everyone,

There is a provision to output a power spectrum for another traces in CAMB modifying the sources(3) term in the output function in equations.f90 file. I am trying to reproduce the CIB power spectrum using this technique. The formula for the linear power spectrum I am trying to reproduce is given in eq. 39 of
I can output and see the values of redshifts CAMB is exploring for a given cosmology. Using these values, I have created a file of emissivity values [tex]j_\nu[/tex] for these redshifts and am reading them inside this output function to use them in the source term.
The source term should be [tex]\dfrac{a*b_{eff}*j_\nu}{\chi}[/tex].
Though, when I give this as an input, I don't get the required results and they are off by some orders of magnitude. So I am guessing maybe the my source term isn't correct and should be something different?
Can somebody please give some input on this issue? It would be really appreciated.
Thank you!

Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB sources(3) term

Post by Antony Lewis » February 15 2017

You probably at least want [tex]\Delta_c[/tex] (in CAMB clxc) to get the matter perturbation amplitude (CAMB integrates against the primordial curvature power spectrum).

[Using CAMB sources (or the devel branch on github) may of course be easier than hacking source(3) in standard CAMB]

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