COSMOMC: TransferOut errors in CAMB

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Benjamin Horowitz
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COSMOMC: TransferOut errors in CAMB

Post by Benjamin Horowitz » October 31 2016

I'm running into a strange issue with cosmomc interfacing with CosmoMC. My version of CAMB appears very stable (can run it with a variety of precision settings and cosmic parameters), but when I interface it with CosmoMC I get an error from the dverk subroutine (GaugeInterface_ScalEv) only when it is computing the transfer function specifically. It computes CalcScalarSources without error but then crashes when computing TransferOut.

Are there non-obvious precision settings set in cosmomc that aren't set in camb that might effect the dverk subroutine?

Antony Lewis
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Re: COSMOMC: TransferOut errors in CAMB

Post by Antony Lewis » October 31 2016

Things like the non-linear lensing setting affect k ranges, so could be something like that.

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