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CosmoMC: drawing samples according to a MVNormal distributio

Posted: September 26 2016
by gongbo zhao
Dear Antony and all,

Suppose I want to draw samples for a set of parameters which obey a given multivariate Gaussian distribution, is it easy to hack CosmoMC to do this? I see there is a patch for this purpose for early cosmomc versions ( ... rs#version), and I am wondering if it is easier to do it with new versions? It would be great if you could help with instructions.

Many thanks,

Re: CosmoMC: drawing samples according to a MVNormal distrib

Posted: September 27 2016
by Antony Lewis
You can set 'test_likelihood=T. This will use as a likelihood your prior bounds and a Gaussian given by the covariance matrix (propose matrix) supplied.

Or you can use generic_mcmc=T and write your own in Generic_GetLogLikeMain.