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Modifying Alens

Posted: June 23 2016
by yajing huang

I want to have a parameter that acts like Alens but without its effect on the lensing power. In other words I want it to act only on the TT power spectrum. What should I modify to achieve this? Will modifying the following lines in camb/cmbmain.f90 be enough?

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            if (CTrans%NumSources>2) then
                iCl_scalar(j,C_Phi,pix) = ALens*iCl_scalar(j,C_Phi,pix)*fourpi*ell**4
                !The lensing power spectrum computed is l^4 C_l^{\phi\phi}
                !We put pix extra factors of l here to improve interpolation in CTrans%ls%l
                iCl_scalar(j,C_PhiTemp,pix) = sqrt(ALens)*  iCl_scalar(j,C_PhiTemp,pix)*fourpi*ell**3
                !Cross-correlation is CTrans%ls%l^3 C_l^{\phi T}
                iCl_scalar(j,C_PhiE,pix) = sqrt(ALens)*  iCl_scalar(j,C_PhiE,pix)*fourpi*ell**3*sqrt(ctnorm)
                !Cross-correlation is CTrans%ls%l^3 C_l^{\phi E}



Re: Modifying Alens

Posted: June 23 2016
by Antony Lewis
I would modify Cphil3 in lensing.f90, similar to the way it currently does for ALens_Fiducial.

Modifying Alens

Posted: June 23 2016
by yajing huang
Thanks for the quick reply! But I don't understand why I should modify Cphil3 instead of rescaling CTT(l) = highL_CL_template(l, C_Temp)*fac2*sc by the new Alens.