pycamb BB power spectrum

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yajing huang
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pycamb BB power spectrum

Post by yajing huang » March 12 2016


I was using pycamb to calculate BB power spectrum up to l~200. I set:

params.WantTensor = True
params.NonLinear =2

However, I found that the shape of the power spectrum (even at low l) depends greatly on lmax. To get accurate BB, I needed to set lmax to as great as ~3000. I was wondering if there is some other setting I can use to achieve accuracy without spending too much computing power.



Antony Lewis
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Re: pycamb BB power spectrum

Post by Antony Lewis » March 12 2016

Yes, if you want the lensed BB accurate, which come from lensing of high-l EE and \phi\phi, you need to calculate the unlensed spectra to quite high lmax. (the non-linear corrections are also dependent on quite small scales)

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