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Use MultiNest with CosmoMC : value of action

Posted: December 23 2015
by Su GuanJhen

I want to use MultiNest through CosmoMC. The MultiNest version is "CosmoMC-Nov2015-MultiNest_v3.9.tar.gz"

I successfully compiled it with Cosmomc. However, when I want to test it, the error comes as following:

Error for key "action" : value > max
MpiStop: 0

I guess the problem is that in test.ini, the action is set to action=5 so as to use MultiNest. In origianl Cosmomc, the action only available for action=0,1,2,3,4. Does that mean the maximun value of action is set to be 4, so when I set action=5, the error comes?

Does anyone know how to change the maximun for action?