error of CAMB: cannot find -lm

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YinZhe Ma
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error of CAMB: cannot find -lm

Post by YinZhe Ma » November 25 2015

I am installing the new CAMB, but while I am compiling it, it always gives error:

ld: cannot find -lm
make: *** [camb] Error 1

Could anyone help me?

Thank you.

Mathew Madhavacheril
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error of CAMB: cannot find -lm

Post by Mathew Madhavacheril » December 04 2015

In the Makefile, try removing the fast option from:

Code: Select all

FFLAGS = -openmp -fast -W0 -WB -fpp2 -vec_report0
I use:

Code: Select all

FFLAGS = -openmp -ipo -O3 -W0 -WB -fpp2 -vec_report0
Might be related to: ... ot-find-lm

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