EFTCAMB_Oct15 publicly released

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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bin hu
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EFTCAMB_Oct15 publicly released

Post by bin hu » October 30 2015

The EFTCAMB_Oct15 version is publicly released. This is a major update, including:

1. Added PlanckLikelihood PLC-2.0;
2. Horndeski-type model encoded;
3. Horava gravity encoded;
4. Full mapping branches added;
5. New stability condition encoded;
6. Alternative parametrization added;


If you are interested in the latest features (as well as the latest bugs) or you want to participate to the development of EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC you can have a look at the developer's version hosted on github.


The EFTCAMB team

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