CAMB: Two-point correlation function

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Paul Hunt
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CAMB: Two-point correlation function

Post by Paul Hunt » May 16 2005

I would like to use CAMB to calculate the two-point correlation function, so that I can compare it with the measurements given in astro-ph/0501171.

I plan to do this by taking the Fourier transform of the matter power spectrum produced by CAMB.

Please could you give the formula for the two-point correlation function in terms of the transfer function and the primordial power spectrum output by CAMB, as I would like to ensure all the conventions are consistent.

Thank you very much for your help.

Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB: Two-point correlation function

Post by Antony Lewis » May 18 2005

CAMB will output the transfer_matterpower file, which is the conventional synchronous gauge matter power sepctrum (in h^-1 Mpc units). The calculation from the transfer functions and initial power spectrum is done for you (see the code in modules.f90). So you then just need to convert this to the correlation function.

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