Quintessence module

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Chudaikin Anton
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Quintessence module

Post by Chudaikin Anton » February 25 2014

I have two questions about Quintessence module in CAMB.

1) What is the sence of constant "norm" which equals 1d-122 in function Vofphi(phi,deriv) in the code?

2) Why in this "sigma model" Vofphi= norm*exp(-sqrt(3/2)*phi), although according to correct conformal transformation Vofphi \sim exp(-sqrt(2/3)*phi)? I studied paper "f(R) gravity" Antonio De Felice and Shinji Tsujikawa.

Vanessa Smer
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Quintessence module

Post by Vanessa Smer » July 08 2015

The correct value of norm is

norm = 3*CP%h0**2/c**2*1000**2

This is for it to match the normalization for the other components (matter, radiation) given by the variable grhom.


omegab = grhom*CP%omegav

Try with a constant potential

Vofphi = norm*CP%omegav

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