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CosmoMC: Best-fit power spectrum?

Posted: April 04 2005
by Hans Kristian Eriksen
I'm feeling a little stupid here now, because there must surely be some easy way to do this... Anyway, what is the easiest way of getting the best-fit C_l power spectrum from CosmoMC, after a run has been completed?

I understand that this information should be stored in some .data files, but unfortunately, they are only optionally outputted (and I don't even find which option that toggles it right now...), and therefore not of much use for already computed chains.


Re: CosmoMC: Best-fit power spectrum?

Posted: April 06 2005
by Antony Lewis
There isn't actually any automated way to do this, sorry. (feel free to write one...)

After running GetDist, the .likestats file has the parameters of the best fit sample. You can feed these manually into CAMB's input file to generate a spectrum (obviously you need the derived parameter H_0 rather than \theta for CAMB).

Change the indep_sample parameter in the the cosmomc input file to make it produce .data files for later importance sampling.