Adding new parameters to CosmoMC, March-13

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Simony S. da Costa
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Re: Adding new parameters to CosmoMC, March-13

Post by Simony S. da Costa » December 20 2022

Hello, Antony.

I am having a similar issue, but instead of letting Neff free I would like to change the equation for it, and then let my new parameter free.

I already used CAMB with CosmoMC to include modifications in the primordial power spectrum. In that case, it was enough to change the files CosmologyTypes.f90 and Calculator_CAMB.f90 on the source/ directory.

Now, that I'm trying to change Neff, I'm confused if it is enough to modify camb/ directory and the CosmologyTypes file to add my new parameter, or if I should change some "neutrino" part also on the source/ directory.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Antony Lewis
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Re: Adding new parameters to CosmoMC, March-13

Post by Antony Lewis » December 21 2022

In Cosmomc I think you only need to handle the new parameter.

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