cosmomc output

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Gopakumar Perumpilly
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cosmomc output

Post by Gopakumar Perumpilly » March 20 2005

I request you to help me for,
(1)While running cosmomc with params.ini, no out put file is found.
(2) How can I run this with multiple parts, rather than in one stretch.

Antony Lewis
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Re: cosmomc output

Post by Antony Lewis » March 20 2005

I'm not sure I understand your questions.. what output file is not found? Some details of what you are doing would be helpful.

If for (2) you mean how to stop and re-start chains: this can be done, though it's rather messy. There's a continue_from parameter in the .ini file which lets you start a new chain from the last position in another chain file. But much better to run continuously if you can, preferably with MPI.

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