Univiewer: sky map visualisation program

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Mark Ashdown
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Univiewer: sky map visualisation program

Post by Mark Ashdown » March 08 2005

Hello everyone,

We would like to announce another new visualisation program for HEALPix maps. It is called Univiewer, and using it you can:
  • Rotate and zoom maps on the sphere in 3D;
  • Create high-resolution views of square patches of the map;
  • Change maximum and minimum values of the colourmap interactively;
  • Calculate the power spectrum of the full-sky map or a patch;
  • Display any column of a HEALPix map FITS file on the sphere.
It is written in C++ and uses OpenGL and the wxWidgets toolkit for cross-platform portability. We have tested it on Unix/Linux and Windows XP. It might also work on Mac OS X, but we don't have access to a Mac to test it.

Univiewer was started last year as a student summer project for one of us (Shamil). It has reached a sufficiently developed state to be useful to others, hence this announcement.

The source code and binaries (Linux and Windows XP) are available from the web site:


Feedback (and bug reports) are welcome.

Shamil Mingaliev,
Mark Ashdown,
Vlad Stolyarov.

Shamil Mingaliev
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Univiewer: sky map visualisation program

Post by Shamil Mingaliev » March 09 2005

First of all - Mark and Vlad, I am grateful to you for your help!

And for all, who'll use (I hope you will:) this program:
please let me know what you think about this software, including suggestions for improvements.
Now I'm directly engaged on developing univiewer 2.0.
It'll have much better GUI and some new features.
I'm going to add:
1. possibility to save jpeg files.
2. generate map from a[l,m]
3. and so on;)

Shamil Mingaliev

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