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Cmbeasy: New version 3.0

Posted: February 04 2005
by Michael Doran
I released v3.0 of cmbeasy today. The main changes are in the graphical user interface: plotting and printing of confidence regions (both one and two dimensional) is now much more sophisticated. Some minor flaws in the scientific part have also been corrected (mostly concerning some specific dark energy implementations). I did write a general fluid perturbation class but didn't include it yet. If some people are interested let me know then I'll know if it's worth polishing the class for a release or not. You can find the packages on

New version 3.0 of cmbeasy

Posted: February 07 2005
by Michael Doran
Replying to myself :-) Due to some build-the-packages-bug, there are some data files missing in the 3.0 release from Friday. I put up 3.0.1 packages on the web and hope that there are no more surprises waiting...
If you wonder "why didn't he test more carefully": I did test carefully (and I can tell you, it takes quite some time to release a package). But I had one tiny typo and when I re-build the packages (to make sure that they are really really all up-to-date), I accidentally built on a different machine where the typo mattered and the data files got lost...

Cmbeasy: New version 3.0

Posted: March 18 2005
by Sirichai Chongchitnan
CMBeasy won't compile on SunOS :(

After `make', I get a message like:
Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 81: Extra `:', `::', or `:=' on dependency line.
I ran into a similar problem while installing HEALPIX but found this site which helped.

Please, can anyone help

Cmbeasy: New version 3.0

Posted: March 20 2005
by Michael Doran

I have no experience compiling on SunOS. It may, however
help to use "gmake" instead of "make". At least problems
with the Makefile should vanish then.
Hope that helps...

Cheers, Michael