CAMB output files content

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Licia Verde
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CAMB output files content

Post by Licia Verde » January 19 2005


Do you know where I can find description of what is being saved in the camb output files
scalarCls.dat, lensedCls.dat, totCls.dat, etc for a generic case with lensing, tensors and all the trimmings?

(Yes I know I could go through the code and figure it out, but since I could not find it described on the camb web page I though it could be useful to others to have the info)



Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB output files content

Post by Antony Lewis » January 19 2005

With the default params.ini file the output files are

scalar_output_file = scalarCls.dat - just the scalars
tensor_output_file = tensCls.dat - just the tensors
total_output_file = totCls.dat - scalars (unlensed) + tensors
lensed_output_file = lensedCls.dat - lensed scalars (no tensors)

This is the behaviour as from Nov 2004. Prior to that lensedCls.dat included the tensors. However CAMB doesn't know how to lens tensor modes, so from the Nov 2004 version lensing is only applied and output for the scalar modes. lensedCls.dat + tensCls.dat would probably be a very good approximation to the lensed total.

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