HEALPIX: spin-n field pixel window function

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Carlos L.A.
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HEALPIX: spin-n field pixel window function

Post by Carlos L.A. » June 22 2009


There's a healpix routine called "healpixwindow.pro" that provides the healpix pixel window function in l (multipole) associated with the Healpix pixel of resolution Nside. It can provide these four different window functions:

the TEMPERATURE window function,
the GRAD/ELECTRIC polarization one
the CURL/MAGNETIC polarization one

In order to do this the routine reads the values from some precomputed FITS files located in the subdirectory data/ of the HEALPix distribution.

Does anyone know how these FITs were built and the expression that relates the temperature window function to the polarization ones?

How would these values differ from a Spin-1 or Spin-3 field window function?
Is it possible to calculate the window function for a general spin-n field in the sky?

Thank you.


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