varying fine structure constant in CMBEASY

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Michael Doran
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varying fine structure constant in CMBEASY

Post by Michael Doran » November 25 2004

As I've just been posting a reply concerning RECFAST, I thought it may be interesting for some of you to hear that cmbeasy ships with a completly rewritten RECFAST-type recombination that can be used to study a varying fine structure constant. It is as robust as possible, however the allowed change of alpha at recombination should still not exceed 30-40% or so (but that's anyhow excluded by the data).

I was actually a bit surprised that no-one picked it up (I implemented it, shipped it,but never used it for an article until recently).
I would have guessed that someone seizes the opportunity :-)

A little documentation on the class is online at: ... Alpha.html


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