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COSMOMC: compiling on Linux with gfortran

Posted: January 27 2009
by David A. Ventimiglia

I'm trying to compile and run cosmomc (version from June 2008) using gfortran (GCC) v. 4.3.2 In ../cosmomc/camb/Makefile and in ../cosmomc/source/Makefile_nowmap I uncommented the section for gfortran and changed the compiler from gfc to gfortran. camb compiled ok, but with cosmomc I get:

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/usr/bin/ld: -f may not be used without -shared
In Makefile_nowmap I added -shared to FFLAGS (that's just a guess on my part). Now, I get:

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/usr/bin/ld: accelerate: No such file: No such file or directory
I'll probably switch to the Intel compiler anyway, but just as a general question, what is the best way to compile and run cosmomc on Linux? Thanks!