diff of two parameters

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Minu Joy
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diff of two parameters

Post by Minu Joy » January 26 2009


If i have two free parameters n1 and n2 (i am varying both and getting the marginalised probabilities for each separately), can i get the probability of (n1 -n2)? ie, the prob. distribution for the difference of two parameters n1 and n2? Is it possible to obtain this from the chains for n1 and n2?

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Antony Lewis
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Re: diff of two parameters

Post by Antony Lewis » January 26 2009

Yes, just define a new parameter and marginalize as normal.

In CosmoMC, write your re-mapping in MapParameters of GetDist.f90 and then use map_params=T in the .ini file. There should be an example in the code.

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