SN redshift range in Fisher Calculations

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Emille Ishida
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SN redshift range in Fisher Calculations

Post by Emille Ishida » January 11 2009


I would like to know if there is any limitations concerning the redshift range I use as input for the survey in the web version of iCosmo.

whenever I tried to change the redshift range of
the survey for anything less then 2 the program would return an error,
saying that the medium redshift was 1 and that the survey upper bound
should be bigger than 2.

I could not find the medium redshift as an input.

Also, why the web version ask for the redshift range twice?

thanks in advance for any help!

Thomas Kitching
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SN redshift range in Fisher Calculations

Post by Thomas Kitching » January 11 2009

Hi Emille,

There are two maximum z that can be entered when creating sn products on

step 2 : there is the max z for the cosmology calculations (distances, hubble, growth factor, power spectra).

step 3 : the maximum z that the sn are observed.

The first z on step 2 cannot be lower than the second, if this is done then the website will return an error and stop the calculation (click on the homepage link to return to the beginning).

I would suggest just keeping the first redshift (step 2) to a high value to make sure that the range is sufficient say z_max=5 or even z_max=10 and then the sn range z_max (step 3) can be anything less than this value.

In the sn calculations there is no median redshift per se but a range in redshift over which the sn are evenly distributed (this is a slight approximation which could be modified to something more realistic by downloading the code and changing the distribution yourself if you need to).

Hope that helps!

Tom K

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