iCosmo: Some pre-set experiments not loading

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Charles Shapiro
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iCosmo: Some pre-set experiments not loading

Post by Charles Shapiro » January 09 2009

Hi All,

While playing with iCosmo I couldn't get some of the pre-defined experiments to load. For example, SNAP:

IDL> fid=set_fiducial('snap')
% Variable is undefined: EXPT_SNAP.
% Execution halted at: SET_FIDUCIAL 249 /Users/chaz/work/programs/icosmo_v1.1/cosmo/set_fiducial.pro
% [tex]MAIN[/tex]

Tom Kitching told me the fix, which is to rename the files in the "expt/experiments" folder to get rid of any capital letters, e.g.

mv expt_SNAP.pro expt_snap.pro

Seems to be working fine now - thanks,

Thomas Kitching
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iCosmo: Some pre-set experiments not loading

Post by Thomas Kitching » January 09 2009

Just to clarify, running the following commands in the icosmo_v1.1/expt/experiments directory will fix the bug :

mv expt_ESSENCE.pro expt_essence.pro
mv expt_LSST.pro expt_lsst.pro
mv expt_PanSTARRS1.pro expt_panstarrs1.pro
mv expt_SNAP.pro expt_snap.pro
mv expt_SNLS.pro expt_snls.pro

all the other experimental profiles were unaffected.

Tom K

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