P edit descriptor error in GetDist.f90

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Satej Khedekar
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P edit descriptor error in GetDist.f90

Post by Satej Khedekar » December 24 2008

I get the following error while running getdist sometimes, however the error goes away on discarding any one chain.....

At line 1105 of file GetDist.f90
Fortran runtime error: Expected P edit descriptor in format
(" ",0I8)
The corresponding line 1105 in the f90 code reads as ....

Code: Select all

write (40,'("   ",'//trim(IntToStr(maxoff)) // 'I8)')  &
                  (/(I, I=autocorr_thin, maxoff*autocorr_thin,autocorr_thin)/)
Do I have to change I8 to 0I8 ... or something?

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