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Ivan Debono
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k range

Post by Ivan Debono » November 26 2008

Can one use a different k range for the matter power spectrum and Fisher matrix calculations? As it is currently set, iCosmo requires k_max to be at least ~100 if Smith et al. is used for the nonlinear P(k) correction.

Is there an option to use just the P(k) corresponding to a smaller k range?


Anais Rassat
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k range

Post by Anais Rassat » November 27 2008

Hi Ivan,

At the moment the krange for the lensing Fisher matrix and the matter power spectrum is the same in iCosmo.

This can be easily modified in the source code (download it here: http://icosmo.pbwiki.com/).

You can also change the required value of k_max in the source code, but make sure to check the krange is large enough for the calculation of sigma8.


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