Use of Cobaya. camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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Michael Doran
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Post by Michael Doran » November 22 2004

Hi everyone,

Pier-Stefano Corasaniti just sent me an e-mail pointing to this forum. First of all, I'd like to say
thanks to the organizers (and hi to Anthony Lewis :-). I wonder if cmbeasy is welcome here. Would be nice, cause I never set up any forum (and wouldn't know how to do it, really) and it could be helpful for people to retrieve questions already answered. So if you don't object, cmbeasy would like to join :-)

Cheers, Michael

Antony Lewis
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Re: cmbeasy

Post by Antony Lewis » November 22 2004

Of course everyone can discuss whatever software they like.

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