cosmomc on suns

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Alys Morgan
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cosmomc on suns

Post by Alys Morgan » November 18 2004

We are trying to install cosmomc on a solaris 9.0, single cpu computer with the f90 compiler. Is it possible to do this with only LAPACK available (not sunperf) and if so, how do we edit the makefile to do this?

Thanks, Alys.

Antony Lewis
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cosmomc on suns

Post by Antony Lewis » November 19 2004

Certainly CosmoMC only uses a few LAPACK routines - nothing else in sunperf. I don't know what format you have LAPACK in, but probably just a question of putting

-Lpath_to_libs -llapack -lblas

or similar.

Anze Slosar
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cosmomc on suns

Post by Anze Slosar » November 19 2004

Slightly off-topic, but: in my experience it is going to be very slow, i.e. not very useful for anything much beyond debuggin. The following options give you quite a big increase in performance (about 2x, on most modern suns):

-fast -xO4 -xtarget=native -xarch=native

but it will stil be very slow!


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