CAMB: compile problem on Mac G5 powerpc (Tiger) using gfortran

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Anais Rassat
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CAMB: compile problem on Mac G5 powerpc (Tiger) using gfortr

Post by Anais Rassat » October 15 2008

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to compile the CAMB using a Mac G5, under Tiger (power pc), using gfortran.

I can basically compile everything except the routine inifile.f90, where the 'make' command just gets stuck. Anyone had this problem?

I've tried the latest version of CAMB (Sept 2008) as well as the version from May 2008.

The problem looks like this:

% make
gfortran -O2 -c constants.f90
gfortran -O2 -c utils.F90
gfortran -O2 -c subroutines.f90
gfortran -O2 -c inifile.f90


the programm gets stuck here and does nothing

Many thanks, Anais.

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