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Fisher Matrix Toolbox (Matlab): request for beta testers

Posted: May 24 2008
by Bruce Bassett

Just want to let interested people know about the beta release of a general GUI-based Fisher Matrix toolbox called Fisher4cast. It is currently set up for cosmology, but is in fact completely general. It is written in Matlab and released under the GNU license but we will also release a version for Scilab, an open-source framework which has much in common with Matlab.

At this stage we are looking for people willing to test it out and give us feedback before the general release of the code which is currently scheduled for 1 June.

Fisher4cast currently supports cosmological constraints from distance, Hubble rate and growth rate measurements to constrain general FLRW models with arbitrary curvature using the CPL parameterisation of w(z) and outputs several different figures of merit beyond the standard DETF FoM. Our aim was to build a tool that can be used both for education and research.

The package can be downloaded from the Matlab central file exchange site: ... tType=file

The zip file also contains a manual, quickstart guide and readme file with a known (but short!) list of bugs. First simply load FM_GUI in Matlab and see the manual if that fails! Please send any bugs/comments/requests/suggestions to [Log in to view email] and feel free to use/extend the software. We are keeping a running list of all contributors.

Many thanks,

Bruce Bassett, Jacques Kotze, Renee Hlozek and Yabebal Fantaye

Fisher Matrix Toolbox (Matlab): request for beta testers

Posted: May 28 2008
by Bruce Bassett
Hi all,

Many thanks for all the interest. We have updated Fisher4Cast to fix a bug
in the GUI which caused the background image to be plotted over with
the ellipse if one happened to click on the background before running.
Many thanks to Cris Sabiu at the ICG for help sorting this out. Other
feedback, even if only of a general nature, is welcome. Also, for
anyone who wants to be added to the mailing list for new releases
etc... please email [Log in to view email] with the subject
"subscribe". You can also request to be added to the user group to
receive emails from people on the developers list.

Bruce Bassett, Yabebal Fantaye, Renee Hlozek and Jacques Kotze

Fisher Matrix Toolbox (Matlab): request for beta testers - n

Posted: December 18 2008
by Bruce Bassett
Hi all,

Thanks for the very enthusiastic support of Fisher4Cast - after 500 downloads
we are releasing a new version (v1.2) which contains the following two major upgrades:

1) An automatic LaTeX and text report generating feature. The Latex report is
particularly useful for rapid and convenient inclusion of figures and
tables into publications (although it won't yet write the paper for
you!) or simply for having a systematic way of storing all the information.
These functions are accessible from both the command line and
through a dropdown menu (Saving Features) on the GUI. Reports can be
saved to any path specified by the user. [FM_report_text.m and

2) The ability to forecast Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) errors
from given input survey parameters (area, redshifts, density etc...).
This is done with either the Blake et al. (2006) (astro-ph/0510239)
fitting formulae or the more complex Seo & Eisenstein (2007)
(arXiv:astro-ph/0701079) algorithm. These are run from the command
line with inputs to these functions via an input structure.

See the manual for more details. A detailed description of all other
changes in this release are given in the Readme.txt in the Fisher4Cast

Download as before at: ... ange/20008


We are preparing the associated release paper and working on
future extensions so if you have anything you
would particularly like to see in the next release, let us know.

Bruce Bassett, Yabebal Fantaye, Renee Hlozek and Jacques Kotze