CosmoMC April Version 2008 with g95 compiler

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Benjamin Fuchs
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CosmoMC April Version 2008 with g95 compiler

Post by Benjamin Fuchs » April 07 2008


I'm trying to use the g95 compiler to compile CosmoMC in the stand alone Version of the Makefile. I'm experiencing some difficulties as you may guess so I wanted to ask if somebody was able to compile CosmoMC before with the g95 compiler and if there are any suggestions how to do it on an AMD platform.
I've allready used the ifort compiler and it worked well after some changes related to the AMD platform. But it is incompatible with the DarkSusy package. I want to implement this package in the loglikelihood function calculation. So I want to switch to g95 compiler, or i have to find a way to compile DarkSusy with Ifort which seems really difficult.
If somebody can help I would be realy happy.

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