CAMB and matter power spectrum without wiggles

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Olga Mena
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CAMB and matter power spectrum without wiggles

Post by Olga Mena » April 03 2008


I am trying to modify CAMB to get the power matter spectrum without wiggles, i.e. without the BAOs. In principle, it seems possible just by changing k_per_logint from 0 to 1 in the params.ini file, but I think that the matter power spectrum obtained in this way still contains wiggles on it.

Any ideas? I guess one should change the photon and baryon perturbation evolution equations in the file equations.f90?

Comments, suggestions& solutions are of course more than welcome...

Thanks a lot

Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB and matter power spectrum without wiggles

Post by Antony Lewis » April 04 2008

It's not a very well defined question, but what I'd do is work out the correlation function, put spline points as a function of r, then delete the points over the baryon bump, then spline it to something smooth and transform back. Probably there are other recipies (don't expect CAMB to work with \Omega_b=0!)

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