CosmoMC: Error during run

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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Rajeev Kumar Jain
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CosmoMC: Error during run

Post by Rajeev Kumar Jain » April 02 2008

I've modified cosmomc to find out the best fit values of the parameters of the inflationary
scenario I am considerning. The modified camb produces the angular power spectrum
without any problem but the cosmomc run gives the following error message after some
time and then stops. I am running cosmomc on 4 processors of the same node.

forrtl: error (75): floating point exception
0: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a21488]
1: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a2a4d0]
2: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff800d9cc0]
3: [tex]wmap_likelihood_5yr[/tex]wmap_likelihood_compute_ [WMAP_5yr_likelihood.F90: 317,
4: [tex]cmbdata[/tex]maplnlike_ [cmbdata.F90: 959, 0x1200b2c30]
5: [tex]cmbdata[/tex]cmblnlike_ [cmbdata.F90: 918, 0x1200b1e80]
6: [tex]calclike[/tex]getloglikepost_ [calclike.f90: 121, 0x1200d6720]
7: [tex]calclike[/tex]getloglike_ [calclike.f90: 84, 0x1200d63b8]
8: [tex]montecarlo[/tex]mcmcsample_ [MCMC.f90: 535, 0x1200e9ab8]
9: solvecosmology_ [driver.F90: 320, 0x1200ed820]
10: main [for_main.c: 203, 0x1200edacc]
11: __start [0x120037508]
MPI process 3583599 died from signal 6 (IOT/Abort trap)
MPI process 3583598 died from signal 9 (Killed)
MPI process 3583587 died from signal 9 (Killed)

I have no idea what this problem is due to. Please advise.

Rajeev Jain

Pascal Vaudrevange
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CosmoMC: Error during run

Post by Pascal Vaudrevange » April 02 2008

Did you check the C_l's that are coming out of CAMB for your model? Maybe something funky is going on, i.e. some C_l^{TT}<0 because of interpolation issues or something?

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