syntax error in WMAP_5yr_options.F90 file

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Ruth Lazkoz
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syntax error in WMAP_5yr_options.F90 file

Post by Ruth Lazkoz » March 27 2008


I am trying to install cosmomc in ubuntu. After installing cfitsio at /usr/local/lib, and downloading the likelihood software and data
and extracting them I modified the l
Makefile found in the directory likelihood_v3 as follows

I changed it to have


and then commented out the default options and changed them to

## NAG
F90 = gfortran
FFLAGS = -g -O2 [tex](WMAPFLAGS)
INCS = -I. -I[/tex](CFITSIO)/include -I/usr/lib/include
LIBS = -L. -L$(CFITSIO)/lib -L/usr/lib/lib -llapack -lcfitsio

Then I changed made some lines in WMAP_5yr_options.F90 look as follows:

character(len=*) ,parameter :: WMAP_data_dir = '/home/ruth/likelihood_v3/data/'


character(len=*), parameter :: gibbs_sigma_filename = '/home/ruth/likelihood_v3/data/lowlT/gibbs/sigmaEllsHkeChu_r5_fwhm5_2uK_maskr5kq85p0_sim5yr_finalwinfuncs_nomonopole.fits'

When I type make I get two errors

character(len=*), parameter :: gibbs_sigma_filename = '/home/ruth/likelihood_v
Error: Constante de carácter sin terminar que comienza en (1)

When translated it means a character constant which is not ended starts at 1.

Then the second error is
print *, "gibbs_sigma_filename = ", trim(gibbs_sigma_filename)
Error: El argumento 'string' del intrínseco 'trim' en (1) debe ser CHARACTER

This one means the śtring' argument of the intrinsic 'trim' must be CHARACTER.

Help will be appreciated.


Pascal Vaudrevange
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syntax error in WMAP_5yr_options.F90 file

Post by Pascal Vaudrevange » March 27 2008

Probably you should add the option

Code: Select all

to FFLAGS. gfortran has a default line-length of 132 characters even for free-form source-files, i.e. all characters after column 132 are truncated.

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