Likelihood code trouble

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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preshanth jagannathan
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Likelihood code trouble

Post by preshanth jagannathan » March 11 2008

ifort -O -DOPTIMIZE -o test test.o read_archive_map.o read_fits.o healpix_types.o br_mod_dist.o WMAP_5yr_options.o WMAP_5yr_util.o WMAP_5yr_gibbs.o WMAP_5yr_tt_pixlike.o WMAP_5yr_tt_beam_ptsrc_chisq.o WMAP_5yr_teeebb_pixlike.o WMAP_5yr_tetbeebbeb_pixlike.o WMAP_5yr_likelihood.o -L. -L/Users/preshanthjagannathan/IUCAA/cfitsio//lib -lcfitsio -lscs_mp
ld: library not found for -lcfitsio
make: *** [test] Error 1

I compiled the cfitsio as directed by the site and it gives me the library file. I link it in the likelihood code and it gives me trouble... incidentally not only this but also all the other codes. I am running this on a macbook pro... so has a bash shell and ifort 10.1.006 and gcc 4.0 .... all help is welcome... thank you

Yu Gao
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Likelihood code trouble

Post by Yu Gao » April 01 2008

If the libcfitsio.a is incompatible it is skipped and the linker still reports the library missing. Look through the messages more carefully.

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