CosmoMC: Adding new parameters

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Akhilesh Nautiyal(akhi)
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CosmoMC: Adding new parameters

Post by Akhilesh Nautiyal(akhi) » March 03 2008

I want to modify the power spectrum in CAMB. The modified power spectrum contains some new parameters. I want to find their best fit values using CosmoMC.

I would be glad to know what changes I should do in CosmoMC and CAMB to include new parameters.

Looking forward for your kind help.

Akhilesh Nautiyal
PRL Ahmedabad India

Minu Joy
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CosmoMC: Adding new parameters

Post by Minu Joy » March 10 2008


Change the number of parameters in /source/settings.f90
add the new parameter in /camb/indriver.F90 , /camb/power_tilt.f90 and params.ini

Also make the changes in params_CMB.covmat.

Try this.

best wishes!
Minu Joy

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