CMBFAST:matter transfer function/normalization

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Paniez Paykari
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CMBFAST:matter transfer function/normalization

Post by Paniez Paykari » January 22 2008


I understand that CMBFAST outputs a raw matter transfter function in any case. If a normalized matter power spectrum is required, then it is supposed to output 'd2norm' - 'powers' - 'sigma8', right? I changed COBEnormalize subroutine in subroutines.f:
I added:


just before the 'end' of the COBEnormalize subroutine.

However, it gives me 0.0 for both of them?!!!

Is there any other changes I need to make to any files to get it to give me the values? Or have I put the above statement in the wrong place in the file?

Really appreciate the help

ivan rodriguez-montoya
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CMBFAST:matter transfer function/normalization

Post by ivan rodriguez-montoya » June 18 2009

Hi Paniez

I have the same question here.

How to obtain the Matter Power Spectrum from the output columns of the cmbfast?

I wonder if (in these two years) you found any answer by yourself... thanks a lot.


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