Healpix routine to generate a polarization map

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Carlos L.A.
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Healpix routine to generate a polarization map

Post by Carlos L.A. » January 18 2008

Hi everybody!

I'm a newbie using Healpix so please allow me these dumb questions.

1. I'm trying to generate a polarization map (only polarization, no "Temperature+polarization". Maybe later I'll want to combine them) from a temperature map. I only want the E modes and I want to plot the polarization as vectors. I've used synfast but I got a combined map and, although I use the option "Polarization=3" in mollview, vectors don't appear anywhere. Only a deformed temperature map. What routine could be useful in this case?

2. How do I exactly call a fortran routine from healpix prompt? I've tried with "call routine (parameters)" (as in the manual) and that seems not to work. I've read somewhere (actually here http://www.ifi.uio.no/it/latex-links/ST ... mples.html) that I need a C interface routine. Is this the only way? Is there an easier way to call them?

Thanks in advance!


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