CAMB: Modified sound speed

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Simon DeDeo
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CAMB: Modified sound speed

Post by Simon DeDeo » November 04 2004

Hello all --

I am hoping to use CAMB to do some studies of oddball sound speeds in my dark energy. I would like to have a varying c_s, as well as a varying w, with time.

I have been told by the gurus that this is a somewhat easy modification to make, but I am wondering -- surely perhaps someone has already done this, and has made a module out of it they could share with us? I would just like an excuse not to learn FORTRAN.

Thanks for any pointers/advice,

Simon DeDeo

Jochen Weller
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varying w

Post by Jochen Weller » November 04 2004

Dear Simon

David Rapetti included a varying equation of state in the code. You could
ask him to give you the code. So far the sound speed is fixed. His email
is: [Log in to view email]


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