COSMOMC: 2D contour plots

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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Brian Powell
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COSMOMC: 2D contour plots

Post by Brian Powell » December 04 2007


Does anyone know how to obtain the points defining the 2D contours in the getdist Matlab output plots? I'd like to use my own plotting program to make the 2D contour plots rather than Matlab.


Antony Lewis
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Re: COSMOMC: 2D contour plots

Post by Antony Lewis » December 05 2007

The plots are generated from data files output by GetDist in the plot_data directory. Matlab calculates the contour positions from the grid of estimated marginalized values stored in the file output by GetDist. If in doubt read the .m file that GetDist produces.

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