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CosmoMC minimizer
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Pablo Lemos

Joined: 07 Dec 2015
Posts: 9
Affiliation: Cambridge University

PostPosted: May 05 2016  Reply with quote


I am running the CosmoMC minimizer (action=2), with a modified initial power spectrum. When I do this, sometimes I get an error, and sometimes running exactly the same I don't and I obtain the parameters. Why could this be? Here is the error message:

[sand−6−1:85774:0] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
==== backtrace ====
2 0x0000000000059e9c mxm_handle_error() /var/tmp/OFED_topdir/BUILD/mxm−3.4.3065/src/mxm/util/debug/debug.c:641
3 0x000000000005a00c mxm_error_signal_handler() /var/tmp/OFED_topdir/BUILD/mxm−3.4.3065/src/mxm/util/debug/debug.c:616
4 0x00000000000326a0 killpg() ??:0
5 0x00000000000bb1f3 opal_memory_ptmalloc2_free() ??:0
6 0x000000000072bd9c for_dealloc_allocatable() ??:0
7 0x00000000005bda5b ranges_mp_ranges_free_() ??:0
8 0x00000000005dd91b modeldata_mp_free_cltransfer_() ??:0
9 0x0000000000646109 camb_mp_camb_freecambdata_() ??:0
10 0x0000000000501b14 calculator_camb_mp_cambtransfercache_clear_() ??:0
11 0x0000000000498c63 generaltypes_mp_tcalculationatparampoint_clear_() ??:0
12 0x00000000004d20ac montecarlo_mp_tmetropolissampler_getnewsample_() ??:0
13 0x00000000004d0eba montecarlo_mp_tchainsampler_samplefrom_() ??:0
14 0x00000000004db774 minimize_mp_tpowellminimizer_findbestfit_() ??:0
15 0x00000000005bb842 MAIN__() ??:0
16 0x0000000000410706 main() ??:0
17 0x000000000001ed5d __libc_start_main() ??:0
18 0x0000000000410579 start() ??:0
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